Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Patterns and Textures

This month's Photography Club challenge was "patterns & textures." I came up with the idea as I was driving down the road, seeing the Sicilian countryside plowed and mowed, each field with a different texture and pattern.

Over the course of the past month I have been trying to capture these fields, but with little success.  One day my photos were a bit blurry (too much coffee that morning I guess) and another day everything that could go wrong went wrong - didn't have the right filter, tripod mount broke before I even took a single shot, and then the shots I got all had power lines running through them!  In my frustration I didn't even notice while I was taking the photos, but they sure popped out at home on my monitor!

This evening is my photo club meeting so out I went in 97F weather to try and shoot.  Ugh, the heat sucked the life out of me, but I got a few decent shots.  I hope you like them.

So there you have it - my interpretation of patterns and textures.  Each shot is a high dynamic range image which is processed using three different exposures. I used this technique to bring out as much detail as possible.

Enjoy the photos and be glad that it wasn't you out there tromping through brush in excruciating heat to get the shot!  Everything worthwhile takes effort, right?

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