Sunday, July 25, 2010

Worldwide Photo Walk 2010

Yesterday's Photo Walk was a success!!  I shared the afternoon/evening with 15 awesome people, some old friends, and some new.

Most of my group hadn't been to Ragusa Ibla before and they fell in love with the city as I do each and every time I visit.

"mew mew"  He was sooooo cute!!

Due to the "joys" of the GPS about 2/3 of the group arrived a bit late so I started off with a few people and Les ended up leading the rest of the group.

Everyone went at a different pace so some of us stayed together as a group and others branched off on their own.

At the end of the walk everyone met up for some of the best gelato in Sicily (possibly in Italy as well).  I had a scoop of Anguria (watermelon) and Moscato (a sweet wine).  So good!! Gelati di Vini rocks! I'd go back to Ragusa just for the gealto. :)

After dessert everyone was hungry for dinner.  I hadn't planned on everyone wanting to eat together so I quickly scouted the vicinity for a restaurant. Twenty minutes later we were seated.

We had a fantastic meal!  Often restaurants in touristy areas can be  hit and miss, but this one was excellent, and the prices were very reasonable, too.  I highly recommend La Piazzetta!! In addition to great food, the staff was awesome.  They were a bit suprised when I asked if they had a table for 14 but they were happy to accommodate us.

Awesome getaway car!  The wedding Cinquecento!

I couldn't have asked for a better day for a Photo Walk.  Being outdoors late in July in the Sicilian Summer sun was a bit scary but we were lucky!  It was 10-15 degrees F cooler than where we live and around the base.  In the evening it cooled to the low 70's.  Perfecto!!

I couldn't have asked for a better day!  Wonderful friends, beautiful scenery, and fantastic food - the best things in life. :)

Participating in the Worldwide Photo Walk was a fabulous experience!  I'm not sure where we'll be this time next year but I hope to participate again, wherever I am in the world.


Karla L. said...

It was an awesome experience. Arriving over an hour late wasn't cool but glad that we finally made it.

And so happy that I have a huge container of that gelato in my freezer for later. lol

Thanks for putting this together Angela. As always - You Rock!!

Angela said...

You are so welcome!! I'm so glad you made it. Enjoy that gelato! I kinda wish I had brought some home, too. :) Just a good excuse to go back, I guess!