Sunday, August 08, 2010

Pantalica and Valle dell’Anapo

Yesterday Les & I headed down to the Pantalica nature reserve. It was a bit warm for my taste but I knew it would be good to get out. We ended up in the Anapo Valley (Valle dell'Anapo) and spent a couple of hours exploring.

It was gorgeous, especially down by the river. The water flowed and pooled in various shades of blues and emerald greens.

In some places the water was quite deep. There were quite a few Sicilians making use of these gorgeous swimming holes.

Les was in his element, loving the outdoors.

The vegetation ranged from typical Sicilian brush to lush, almost tropical varieties.   

The dragonflies were by far the most fascinating wildlife I witnessed on this trip.  I caught a few decent pictures of the black ones, but we also saw blue and pink dragonflies!

Wild grape vines had attached themselves to trees along the water. We didn't eat any, but they did look tasty!

Although the heat made me uncomfortable I'm glad I sucked it up and went out.

The afternoon was a fun and memorable time that I shared with my husband.

The sights were definitely worth the walk in the heat (at least I think so today, yesterday I might not have agreed as wholeheartedly.)

I would definitely like to go back to Pantalica when the weather is cooler.  There are other areas of the nature reserve that would be lovely to see.

I wouldn't mind heading back to the Valle dell'Anapo, either.  I wonder what it looks like in the fall?  Hopefully we have a chance to go back before we move.

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