Friday, August 13, 2010

Taormina and Castelmola

Yesterday I spent the day with friends as they did some last minute shopping and sightseeing in Taormina and Castelmola.  They leave the island next week (sniff, sniff) so I was happy to spend time with them.

On the way up to Taormina Mt. Etna was smoking up a storm.  Its not the best pic ever, shot from a moving car from the passenger seat through the drivers side window, but it shows that we live near a very active volcano!

It was quite warm and crowded in Taormina and my friend was on a mission.  I didn't have time to take many pictures as we darted through the crowds and in and out of shops.

After getting what they came for in Taormina we headed up to Castelmola.  In three years that they have lived here they'd never been.  It is a beautiful little town with an amazing view!

Looking down at the Taetro Greco in Taormina

We stayed long enough to enjoy the view and get a gelato then it was time to head home.  I had a great time and am so happy I got to spend this day with my friends. I'll miss them so much when they leave!

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