Monday, September 27, 2010

Food and Drink in Prague

Meat, meat, meat, and beer!  That pretty much sums up our food experience in Prague, and it was fantastic!  As Anthony Bourdain put it Prague (or perhaps the Czech Republic) is "the land that vegetables forgot".

I thoroughly enjoyed trying different traditional Czech dishes including roast duck, beef goulash, pork knee, bread and potato dumplings, and many other yummy things!  We also drank a lot of beer - Czech Pilsner, to be exact.

We also sampled a lot of street food such as the sugary, roasted bread thingys (below) and fantastic baked potatoes filled with cheese and butter.  Les also tried sausage and a fried cheese sandwich (also seen on Anthony Bourdain's show).

I, of course, had to stop at Starbucks for some delicious, overpriced coffee and to pick up my Czech Republic mug to add to my collection.

The Prague Wine Festival just happened to be going on while we were in town.  Initially I wanted to seek it out, but I was enjoying the beer so much I almost forgot, but the wine found me. :)  We just happened across the festival during our meanderings!  We got to taste three Czech wines and they were very good, yet very different from the wine of Italy (or France or California).  They were on the sweeter side, but not syrupy. More fruity.  Delicious!

Our last dinner in Prague was had at Restaurant Mucha. With live piano music in the background we indulged on massive pieces of slow-roasted pork served with horseradish and mustard.  We washed it down with beer and finished with apple strudel!!  What a magnificent feast!

What can I say? We ate our way around Prague and enjoyed every minute and every bite!  Every meal was fantastic (as was each snack)!

I hope you've enjoyed the photos, my memories from Prague. It was a fantastic city to visit and I hope to go back again one day.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Street Performers - Prague

Prague is teeming with a variety of talent.  Street artists selling anything from paintings to jewelry line the Charles Bridge.  Musicians playing Dixieland Jazz entertain the passing crowds.  I always enjoy watching these artists do what they do - to see their art come to life in front of me.

Marionettes are quite popular in Prague

An iron worker making....something
Only a few more photos to go!  Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on food in Prague.  Hint: its good!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Astronomical Clock - Prague

One of the must-see sights in Prague is the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square (Staromestske namesti).  It was added to the Old Town Hall in 1490.  According to my Berlitz Pocket Guide for Prague "it was so highly prized by the city fathers that they had the clockmaker who made it blinded so that he could not re-create his masterpiece."  My jaw dropped when I read that....that is some serious brutality for a clock!

"On every hour, the figures on the clock perform their ritual. Death consults his watch and pulls a cord that rings a bell; Christ and the apostles appear above; and the crowing of a cock signals the end of the proceedings. The clock captures time in a variety of ways, from teh passing seconds to the cycles of the sun and moon. It is interesting to note that in keeping with the thinking of the time, the clock shows the earth positioned at the center of the universe." (Berliz)

More Prague photos, coming soon!

Friday, September 24, 2010

St. Vitus Cathedral - Prague

One of the most striking monuments in Prague is St. Vitus Cathedral. According to my Berlitz Pocket Guide for Prague  the first church built on this site was in the 10th century, but the cathedral as it appears today was begun in 1344 and not regarded as complete until 1929!!

Here are a few of the photos I shot while walking around and inside this magnificent building:

I hope you enjoyed my photos of this stunning structure!  Stay tuned for more Prague photos!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birthday Weekend in Prague

This past weekend I had the privilege of spending my birthday in Prague.  Not bad, huh?  Prague is a beautifully city!  It was a lot to take in in just two and a half days, but we saw a lot and walked until we thought our feet would fall off.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip:

Trolly and the Church of St. Nicholas

Charles Bridge

Sign on Charles Street

Golz-Kinsky Palace and The Church of Our Lady before Tyn

Golz-Kinsky Palace Close-up and spires of The Church of Our Lady before Tyn

National Theatre

National Museum

Statue on the Charles Bridge with St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle in the background

Charles Bridge

St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle

The spires of the Church of St. Nicholas

The spires of the Church of St. Nicholas

St. George's Basilica

Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter)

The Church of St. Nicholas

Charles Bridge and the Old Town Bridge Tower
I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite moments!  Stay tuned over the next few days for photos of the Astronomical Clock, St. Vitus Cathedral, Czech Food, and Prague Street Performers!