Monday, September 27, 2010

Food and Drink in Prague

Meat, meat, meat, and beer!  That pretty much sums up our food experience in Prague, and it was fantastic!  As Anthony Bourdain put it Prague (or perhaps the Czech Republic) is "the land that vegetables forgot".

I thoroughly enjoyed trying different traditional Czech dishes including roast duck, beef goulash, pork knee, bread and potato dumplings, and many other yummy things!  We also drank a lot of beer - Czech Pilsner, to be exact.

We also sampled a lot of street food such as the sugary, roasted bread thingys (below) and fantastic baked potatoes filled with cheese and butter.  Les also tried sausage and a fried cheese sandwich (also seen on Anthony Bourdain's show).

I, of course, had to stop at Starbucks for some delicious, overpriced coffee and to pick up my Czech Republic mug to add to my collection.

The Prague Wine Festival just happened to be going on while we were in town.  Initially I wanted to seek it out, but I was enjoying the beer so much I almost forgot, but the wine found me. :)  We just happened across the festival during our meanderings!  We got to taste three Czech wines and they were very good, yet very different from the wine of Italy (or France or California).  They were on the sweeter side, but not syrupy. More fruity.  Delicious!

Our last dinner in Prague was had at Restaurant Mucha. With live piano music in the background we indulged on massive pieces of slow-roasted pork served with horseradish and mustard.  We washed it down with beer and finished with apple strudel!!  What a magnificent feast!

What can I say? We ate our way around Prague and enjoyed every minute and every bite!  Every meal was fantastic (as was each snack)!

I hope you've enjoyed the photos, my memories from Prague. It was a fantastic city to visit and I hope to go back again one day.

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Adrianne Hernandez said...

I wanted to visit before you blogged it and now I REALLY WANT TO GO!! Thanks for your eyes, I always enjoy things better through them!