Sunday, January 30, 2011

Date Night at Bleu Boheme

For date night this past Friday we decided to share our time with friends - a double date with another couple who we met while we lived in Sicily.  We had a great time reconnecting and eating fantastic food at a restaurant that has become one of my favorites - Bleu Boheme.

My friend and I stumbled across this charming little French restaurant last week and stopped in for lunch.  We were blown away by the fantastic food and decided we had to take our hubbies back.  We lucked out on Friday night to find out that the restaurant was doing "part deux" of Restaurant Week so there was pre-fixe menu where for $30 we got an hors d'oeuvre, entree, and dessert!

The Basil Martini - sounds strange, but it is fantastic!

 For my hors d'oeuvre I choose the mussels - local and very fresh!

During dinner we sipped the Noble Merlot

For my entree I chose the Steak Frites

An after dinner caffe

And, of course, chocolate mousse for dessert!

Our meal was spectacular! To top it off the chef/owner, Ken Irvine, even came out to say hello and make sure we enjoyed our meal.  I will definitely be going back again (and again).  If you'd like to visit Bleu Boheme you can find them at:

Bleu Boheme
4090 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 092116

Oh, and if you decide to go on the weekend I'd recommend a reservation.  We were fortunate to get a table outside on Friday evening. They were booked indoors.  Luckily they had heaters on the patio, but if that isn't up your alley then you'll want a reservation.


Steph said...

The photographic style compliments the meal. My mouth waters just looking at your meal, Angela!

Angela said...

Thanks, Steph! Its amazing what the iPhone camera can do. :) It was a fantastic meal! If you are ever in San Diego you should try it out.

Sheena said...

this was with your iphone? geez... maybe I should upgrade, haha. I thought you had taken your regular camera on date night. =) I really want to get a better quality pocket camera. The one I have really sucks, but I can't lug my huge one out... well hardly ever.

Angela said...

Sheena - I've been lazy about carrying my big camera with me since I've gotten back to the States. The iPhone works well in a pinch, but its no DSLR! Still, I'm so glad I have a phone that takes decent pics! You should get one. I love mine!