Friday, July 29, 2011

California Missions - Part 3

Last weekend during my camping trip near Monterey, CA I took some time to photograph the San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission as part of my personal project to photograph each of the California Missions. Although this is only the third mission I've explored, camera in hand, it was my favorite! The colors and textures reminded me a lot of Italy.

The first photo I'd like to share was also submitted as part of Photo of the Week (hosted by Jessica Rogers Photography).

Rustic Carmel
San Carlos Borromeo Mission was founded in Monterey on June 3, 1770 by Father Junipero Sera and Don Gaspar De Portolá. On August 24, 1771, Father Serra moved the Mission from Monterey to its present site in Carmel to distance it from the military presence at the Presidio of Monterey. The original structure was made of mud and wood and later rebuilt by the Ohlone Native Americans in adobe brick.

In the early 1800's the Mission was destroyed by Privateer Hipolito Bouchard and was left in ruins until Father Angel Cassanova began to restore it in 1884. Renovations continue today to preserve this historic landmark. (,

An intriguing cemetery with abalone shells marking each grave

The day that I visited the mission there were back to back weddings being held in the sanctuary.  I was able to sneak in for a couple of minutes between ceremonies, but because there were so many people around I didn't get many photos.  Still, from the two I have here you can tell it is gorgeous. Hopefully one day I'll be able to return and explore the interior more thoroughly.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission through my viewfinder. If you've missed my early posts on the California Missions series check them out here:

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Cat said...

beautiful capture. I love the process you are using. Very reverent and historical, if that makes sense. Thanks for the tour.

Angela said...

Thanks, Mama! I wish you had been there to shoot with me. The colors and textures were awesome!