Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sicilian Memories Magnets

When I changed the name of this blog to Explore-Capture-Create my intention was to share some crafty goodness in conjunction with my photography. I'm happy to say that inspiration finally struck and I have something very fun to share with you...Sicilian Memories Magnets!

Sicilian Memories Magnets
These glass marble magnets (approximately 1 1/4" Diameter) each have a photo that remind me of my four years in Sicily - A Fiat Cinquecento painted like a Sicilian Pony Cart, a Vespa, the Temple of Segesta, a Festival Horse decked out in his finest, a boat on the beach, and of course Geep! Each piece of glass varies slightly which enhances the unique nature of each magnet.

If you or someone you know would like a set of these fun magnets please let me know! They aren't available on my website or Etsy (yet!) but if you contact me directly ( I can make them for you. For now, each set of six magnets is $10. I can also customize the magnets with images of your choice from my portfolio.

I hope you like them, because I love they way they turned out!  They are a great reminder of the four wonderful years I spent in Sicily.

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