EXPLORE I love to travel and explore new places, close to home and abroad. After living four years in Italy and having Europe at my fingertips my thirst for seeing the world and experiencing different cultures is unquenchable.

CAPTURE Photography allows me to capture special moments and preserve the precious memories life has to offer. The practice of carrying a camera and seeing the world through my viewfinder has made me keenly aware of the details around me. Little things such as the delicate lines on a flower, the texture of an old wall, or a spot of color in an otherwise dull scene catch my eye.

CREATE My creative side extends far beyond the click of the shutter. When I’m not exploring and taking photographs I spend my time creating a variety of handcrafted goods and exploring the culinary arts. 

Explore-Capture-Create is a place for me to share the things I am most passionate about – travel, photography, and creativity in the photographic realm and beyond.

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