Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cynthia's Baby Shower

On Saturday I hosted my first baby shower. Cynthia, one of my good friends here in Sicily is expecting her first child in January. Alice (another good friend) did most of the party planning and I had the easy job of making sure my house was clean for the party.

The party kicked off with the dirty diaper game. Not one of my favorites. It is entertaining to watch, but I played at the last shower I attended (about a month ago) and I was a bit grossed out. For those of you who have never played, diapers are filled with different types of melted chocolate candy bars...and they look way too real. The point of the game is to guess which type of candy bar is in the diaper. The one who gets the most right wins.

Kathy sniffing a "dirty" diaper

Kathy tasting the contents of the "dirty" diaper!

All of the yummy food

The cake

The cake was the joke of the day. It was purchased from the commissary bakery on base. When Cynthia placed the order she gave them little animals to put on the cake for a Noah's Ark theme. When Alice went to pick up the cake it still wasn't ready - they had just started working on it when she went to pick it up. The finished cake wasn't exactly what was ordered. The plastic animals had disappeared and little candy icing bugs and reptiles (like the kind you can find in the cake section of the grocery store) had been used instead. Fitting for a baby girl, right? And to top everything off the lettering on the cake wasn't exactly professional. Any of us could have done a better job! We did our best to fix it up. We peeled off all of the critters except the frog (which was right in the center) and covered the holes in the icing with plastic baby bottles, rattles, etc. It was definitely an improvement. I hope Alice gets her money back! In the end, though, the cake was quite tasty.

She won the "dirty" diaper game

After the diaper game everyone dug into the food on the table. So many yummy things! Once everyone had eaten their fill Cynthia opened her gifts.

Cynthia opening gifts

Gift opening was followed by a good dose of gossip...we ate cake, drank coffee, laughed, and talked about all manner of things. Its always good to hear that I'm not the only one that gets frustrated with my husband! I had a great time - you can't go wrong when you spend an evening with fun people.

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