Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Rebirth of a PowerBook G4

Since our arrival in Sicily my camera has been hard at work capturing memories as we make them. As a result the remaining space on my computer's hard drive quickly filled up. I never thought I'd use up 60 GB. My last laptop (a PowerBook G3 purchased in 1999) had only 4 GB of hard drive space and I never ran out. I've learned that today's toys (i.e. 6.3MP camera, iTunes, etc.) take up a lot of real estate inside a computer.

I was finally down to my last few MB of space so we decided to upgrade my hard drive (a much cheaper option that buying a new laptop). I now have a hard drive with 160GB of space! Here are a few pictures of my hubbie hard at work giving new life to my three year old computer.

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