Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More from San Francisco

Our third and final day in San Francisco started near the Ferry Building. We wandered a little while and then met up with my cousin and her family for brunch. It had been several years since we last saw each other so it was great to catch up a bit, see how here daughter has grown and meet her new little boy.

Reflections of the City 

After brunch we walked out on a pier near the Ferry Building and through the Ferry Building shops

The Bay Bridge in the fog 

The fog clearing around the towers of the Oakland Bay Bridge 

Lovers' Locks on a San Francisco Pier
A European tradition that is apparently catching on in the States

Various mushrooms on sale from a vendor in the Ferry Building

Artisan Cheeses for sale in the Ferry Building 

Cafe Art from the Blue Bottle Coffee Co. 

 At the Counter of the Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

 New Orleans Style Iced Coffee, YUM!

Streetcar in San Francisco 

After spending the morning with family we had plans to go to Baker Beach and the Botanical Gardens but the weather didn't cooperate.  The fog rolled in early and fast.

My last glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge before it was consumed by fog 

After driving around for awhile we headed back to the hotel.  We decided to walk from our hotel in Union Square to Chinatown and then through the North Beach neighborhood to Lombard Street.  We had pictures in mind that we wanted to take there, too.

Eventually we made our way to Lombard Street and climbed a few steep blocks to the base of the curvy section.  I had hoped to take time lapse pictures of cars coming down the curves, but again my plans were not meant to be.  The photos that I'd taken inspiration from were obviously shot from an angle that was inaccessible to me.  Either the bushes had grown too tall or the photographer who inspired me was shooting from a lift of some sort.  Either way, most of the lights coming down the hill were not visible and there weren't many cars, either.  Oh well!  It just wasn't meant to be this trip.

By this point in the evening we were exhausted.  We had walked quite a ways so we decided to catch the next cab we saw.  Soon we were zipping back to our hotel ready for another good night's sleep, our last night in San Francisco.


Mrs.Crab said...

Wow!! Very impressive Ang.. Love the fog pictures!! Love the new header too :) Keep up the amazing work... PS your pup on the scooter is lovingly placed on the entry hall table of our new house. Searching for the perfect frames for the others!!

(((Hugs))) Meg

Angela said...

Thanks, Meg! I'm so glad my pics are finding places in your home :) An amazing compliment coming from you!

Nicola said...

Ang: you have such a great eye. Bill and I are interested in buying a photo or two of yours if you are open to it.

Angela said...

Thanks Nicki! Of course I am open selling my photos :) Which one(s) are you interested in? Also, I have all of the pictures that Bill took with my camera, I need to remember to burn them to a DVD and send them to you before I leave. He got some great ones!