Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SLO Historic Railroad District

Last week while I was waiting for my mom I decided to take my camera and wander the Historic Railroad District of San Luis Obispo.  There wasn't as much there as I thought there would be but I still enjoyed meandering around the train station, looking at old buildings and remnants of times past.

 1837... Just a guess but it might be when this caboose (or at least its underside) was manufactured?

 The old caboose

An old luggage cart

Aamtrak Conductor

Not-so-old Engines, but I liked the paint job

Neat stuff... the old depot has been restored and is set aside to one day become a railroad museum.  I hope whoever is planning it is actually able to pull it off.  I'd love see the inside of the old depot and whatever treasures they can find from railroad history.

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