Monday, October 18, 2010

Amazing, Gorgeous, Amalfi Coast

One of the most breathtaking days of our vacation was the day we drove the Amalfi Coast.  We started in Sorrento and drove south through Amalfi and made our way back and stopped for dinner in Positano.  We didn't stop as much as I would have liked, and never for long enough, but I saw enough to know that I will have to go back one day, and spend more time exploring this gorgeous corner  of the world.

Duomo in Sorrento

Sedile Dominova
According to my Time Out guide for Naples the Sedile Dominova was a meeting place in the 15th century where local aristocracy discussed local policy.  Today the Sedile Dominova is a working men's club where pensioners gather to play their cards.

Looking out over Marina Piccola in Sorrento (6 shot pano)

A quick shot from the moving car

Looking back toward Positano

It was a bit stormy,  other than a few sprinkles we missed the rain

We stopped at a roadside stand for fresh orange and lemon juice

I don't remember which town this was, but I think I took this shot from the moving car...

Duomo di Amalfi

Does this really need a caption? LOL

A cute little shop in Amalfi


In Positano

My view while I ate dinner in Positano
The Amalfi Coast stole my heart.  It is definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.


Amy Marshall said...

I'm with you on this one! The Amalfi coast is my favorite part of Italy & we've been to Positano twice because I love it so much. Great pics & I'm glad you got to visit this magical part of the country.

Trav'ler Jenn said...

hai visto il segno vicino al mare? penso che si chaima "I sorentini"

Sheena said...

sigh... You make me miss Italy...

Dulcecupie said...

Absolutely beautiful! How would you compare it with Taormina? The coast looks stunning like Taormina.

Angela said...

Dulcecupie - While Taormina is absolutely gorgeous, the area has a totally different feel than the Amalfi Coast. The only way I can describe it is that Taormina is very Sicilian, and it is only one town, whereas the Amalfi Coast is a drive that can take all day and it is a series of towns along a rugged piece of coastline. They are both wonderful places that should be on every Italian traveler's itinerary. :)

Sorrento sightseeing said...

Amalfi coast is something that I have never seen. It is narrow and is side to the cliffs. It is busy road. fortunately we got good driver, he made our tour more enjoyable and effortless. I am really happy that I got to see this hilarious, splendid, gorgeous and fascinating place.