Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cooking Class at Azienda Trinita

Last night Les and I attended a cooking class at Azienda Trinita in Mascalucia. This place is amazing!  It is right in the middle of Mascalucia, but as soon as you enter their gates you feel like you've been transported to the country.  They have beautiful sprawling gardens, which we got to tour, rooms to rent for the night, and a fabulous kitchen where we learned to cook delicious Sicilian dishes.  This place is so cool that even Oprah stayed there! Yep, seriously, I saw pictures of the owners with Oprah!

 An old church just outside the gates of Azienda Trinita

 Fireplace painted with Mt. Etna

The delicious house wine

A beautiful painted wooden barrel

 In the Garden


A 200 Year Old Olive Tree

Tuma Cheese - the 1st Cheese that is made (Ricotta is 2nd)

Making Scaciatta
Filled with Tuma Cheese, Black Olives, Scallions, & Anchovies

Crostata, almost ready to go in the oven
Sweet dough covered with Orange Marmalade

Are you hungry yet?  Just looking at the pictures of the food we had last night makes me hungry!  In addition to these dishes we also had Penne alla'amatriciana, a meat dish made with ground beef, provolone, prosciutto cotto (ham), and boiled egg; and battered, fried cauliflower.  It was all so good!!

If you are my friend or part of my family and you decided to visit me in Sicily this place will definitely be on our agenda to visit! Les and I had so much fun and met some wonderful people.  Hopefully we can do trips like this more often!


The Reverend said...

Love your site, joyous, interesting & full of food. Keep up the great work

Angela said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)