Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Photo Club Challenge: Sound

Sound is tough to photograph.

When we decided on this challenge I had an immediate idea, but unfortunately even with a month to work with I wasn't able to pull it off.  I wanted to photograph Les against a white backdrop, dressed in black with his black fedora, playing his guitar and singing.  I would have processed it into sepia.  It would have been awesome.  Unfortunately, he's been really busy and we never found the time to do the photo shoot.

So, last night as I was laying in bed, wracking my brain trying to think of some sort of sound I could photography I realized that my life is very very quiet.  I'm usually alone and other than the noise of household electronics, an occasional dog barking in the neighborhood, or my cat demanding food, its usually silent in my house.

I then started thinking of ways to make noise. I thought of the irritating noise of a leaking faucet.  Luckily we don't have any leaking faucets in our home so I had to fabricate one. My goal was to capture the drops of water mid-air, and also show the disturbance in the water when the drop hit.  What do you think?

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