Monday, May 17, 2010

Noto Infiorata 2010

Wow, this past weekend flew by! I  guess that is a side effect of being busy.  I essentially spent the weekend behind the camera; Saturday was the Sig Photo Club  trip to Noto for Infiorata, and Sunday I did a portrait photo shoot.

This was my third trip to Noto for Infiorata.  Each year has been so different!  To see what I mean check out my posts about my first visit, and second visit.  Here are a few photos of this year's incredible flower mosaics:

The flower mosaics along Via Nicolaci

"Musica Picta" by Marziano Debora

"Duetto classico" by Castobello Vincenzo

"Angelica melodia" by Alibrio Salvatore

"The Musician" (Tamara De Lempicka) by Perricone Concetta

"The Musician" (Tamara De Lempicka) by Perricone Concetta

"The Musician" (Tamara De Lempicka) by Perricone Concetta

"Blues" by Civello Davide, Sammarco Luigi, and Ali Noemi

"Suonatore di flauto" by Lauretta Cettina

"Mille Bolle" by Caruso Sara and Civello Concetta

"Radeyzky in sound" by Andolina Marco

A few other things I saw around Noto:

Flowers floating in a fountain

Just a bit of color and whimsy, slinkys for sale

A reflection

For some reason this shop caught my attention :)

The Duomo

Infiorata has been one of the few Sicilian festivals that I've attended more than one.  I love the color and creativity that goes into creating these beautiful mosaics.  Each year is so different and I've really enjoyed seeing the differences from year to year.

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Sheena said...

those mosaics are always so amazing! great photos! =)